Coming from a varied musical and dance/theatre background makes it a little hard to peg this music.  All I really wanted was for it to be authentic to me.  I really wasn't trying to fit into a box of any kind.  As I've gotten older and further away from musical theatre, I've grown an appreciation for classic country.  While I was writing and recording many of these songs I was envisioning what it was like back in the day when Pasty Cline, and Kitty Wells and the like were recording and I wanted mine to have a little of that feel.  I hope I managed to capture that at least a little.  But mostly, I really wanted this album to be fun and truly reflect my personality.... I'm really not a very serious person, and I feel my other musical ventures have been a little on the serious side.  The reason the song Let It Begin appears twice on the album is that the song was originally written and recorded for the motion picture Married and Counting back in 2013.  It lives in the film but it never had a home on an album and I thought it deserved to have a home.  Since the cinema version is quite long, we rerecorded it for I Was Told There Would Be Pie and also made this lovely music video as well.